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All ingredients currently in season in all categories.


cranberriesOctober to December
lingonberries mid-October to December
Latin:  Vaccinium vitis-idaea  
YuzuNovember to December
Yuzu is a Japanese citrus very much like limes. The flesh and juice can be used much like lemons and limes, and some people report using the skins as a skin conditioner in a hot bath.
From:  Mair-Taki, University District Farmers Market


burdock year round
Also known as "gobo". burdock info 
chardyear round
daikonyear round
A type of radish also known as "Japanese radish", "Chinese radish" and "Satsuma radish". They are white with a milder flavor than common red radishes. They can grow very large (up to 100 pounds!) but most are harvested at a few pounds or less. They have a mild spiciness to them and are traditionally grated for sashimi, but they are also great raw in salads, pickled or roasted. daikon photo 
greens, Asianyear round
greens, mustardyear round
kaleyear round
leeksyear round
mushroomsyear round
Varieties:  cremini, enoki, lions mane, shiitake, button, oyster
mustard greensyear round
potatoesyear round
Varieties:  all-blue, bintje, desiree, german butterball, purple viking, red sangre, russet nugget, yellow finn, yukon gold, banana, russet, fingerling
rutabegaSeptember to December
turnip, Japaneseyear round
Available from Rockridge Farms year round, but best in cooler weather.

Salad greens

mizunayear round
spinachyear round

Foraged edibles

watercressOctober to December
Fall season.
Latin:  Nasturtium officinale 

Edible flowers

pineapple sageNovember to December

Wild mushrooms

black trumpetNovember to December


bayyear round
Latin:  geranium 
geraniums, scentedyear round
Varieties:  rose, lemon
rosemaryyear round
thymeyear round
Member of the mint family, thyme is a perennial evergreen herb.
Varieties:  Common, lemon, and caraway


chestnutsOctober to December
Fresh chestnuts can be kept 10-12 weeks under commercial refrigeration after harvest. Dried chestnuts are available year-round. Chestnut source and information. 


Cow's milk cheeseyear round


eggs, chickenyear round
Fresh eggs from pastured chicken are available year-round from local farms, farmers markets, PCC or Whole Foods and other area markets. Araucana (green) hen eggs are available at Pike Place Creamery in the Pike Place Market.
eggs, duckyear round


beefyear round
Sources for Washington pasture-raised beef. 

Country Natural Beef is an agricultural cooperative producing sustainably raised beef that is grain finished but for a shorter time than conventional beef.

porkyear round
Before you buy pork, read this blog! Certified naturally-grown pork is available from Whistling Train Farm . More sources of pork. 


chickenyear round
Sources for Washington grown pasture-raised chicken. 


chestnut flouryear round
Chestnut flour source and information. 
Christmas TreesDecember
Christmas trees and wreaths from Pacific Northwest trees, sustainably harvested are available for purchase at many local Farmers Markets through the month of December. Most trees are cut the week they are sold, as opposed to several weeks ahead of time with many local tree lots.
cideryear round
Many local types, apple, pear, etc..
emmeryear round
Emmer is the mother grain to spelt and all modern wheat. Certified Organic emmer from Bluebird Grain Farms 
flax seedyear round
Certified Organic flax seed from Bluebird Grain Farms 
green tea mid-May to December
From Rockridge Farms
Latin:  Camellia sinensis 
lentilsyear round
rye year round
Certified Organic rye from Bluebird Grain Farms 
spelt year round
Certified Organic spelt from Bluebird Grain Farms 
wheat year round
Certified Organic wheat from Bluebird Grain Farms Also look for Shephards Grain Wheat now being widely distributed in the Pacific Northwest through Stone-Buhr .

Pacific NW seafood

abaloneyear round
Latin:  Haliotis 
From:  California
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
arctic charyear round
There is also wild arctic char available from Canada in the fall.

Latin:  Salvelinus alpinus 
From:  Primarily from Canada
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
bass, stripedyear round
This is a hybrid striped bass.
Latin:  Morone saxatitis and Morone chrysops 
From:  California
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
caviar, paddlefishyear round
Latin:  Polyodon spathula 
From:  California
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
caviar, salmonyear round
From chum salmon. It is known in Japanese as Ikura. Season is actually May-Nov, but it is available year-round.
Latin:  Oncorhynchus keta 
From:  Alaska
Wild or Farmed?  wild
caviar, salmon 
caviar, troutyear round
Latin:  Oncorhynchus mykiss 
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
caviar, white sturgeonyear round
Latin:  Acipenser transmontanus 
From:  Idaho, California
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
caviar, whitefishyear round
Season is actually Oct-December but it is available year-round.
Latin:  Coregonus clupeaformis 
From:  Montana
Wild or Farmed?  wild
clams, manilayear round
Greatest supply during warm weather.
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Latin:  Venergupis philippinarum, Ruditapes philippinarum 
From:  Washington
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
Capture Method:  gathered by hand rake
clams, razoryear round
The Washington commercial season is 6 weeks, and can either be in the spring or summer.
Razors are available year round from Oregon and Alaska. You can also get them frozen year round.
Latin:  Siliqua patula 
From:  Washington, Oregon, Alaska
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  dug by hand
cod, black year round
West Coast season is August-October.
BC season is year-round, but the peak is January-April.
Alaska season is March-November.
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Latin:  Anoplopoma fimbria 
From:  West Coast, BC, Alaska
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  longline, trawls and traps
cod, Pacificyear round
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Latin:  Gadus macrocephalus 
From:  West Coast, Alaska
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  pots, jig, longline, trawl (and as bycatch)
crab, Dungenessyear round
West coast production peak is Dec/Jan and prices are lowest at that time, although crab may be "lighter" with less meat after molting. June/July is the peak period for AK, BC.
For more information:
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Latin:  Cancer magister 
From:  West Coast, Alaska
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  pot-caught
geoduckyear round
Also available wild from Washington and Alaska.
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Latin:  Panope abrupta 
From:  Washington
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
geoduckyear round
Latin:  Panope abrupta 
From:  Southeast Alaska
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  dive-harvested
lingcod mid-May to December
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Latin:  Ophiodon elongatus 
From:  West coast, Canada, Alaska
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  hook and line
octopusyear round
From:  Washington
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  pots, bycatch from trawls
oyster, easternyear round
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Latin:  Crassostrea virginica 
From:  Washington
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
oyster, kumamotoyear round
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Latin:  Crassostrea sikamea 
From:  Washington
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
oysters, pacificyear round
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Latin:  Crassostrea gigas 
From:  Washington
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
rockfishyear round
Also known as: "rock cod" "pacific snapper"
Avoid trawl caught rockfish.
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Latin:  Sebastes spp. 
From:  Alaska, BC, Washington, Oregon, California
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  hook and line, bottom longline
salmon, chinookyear round
Also known as "king"
May to September is PEAK season.
The Alaskan salmon fishery is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.
Avoid all farmed salmon.
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Latin:  Oncorhynchus tschawytscha 
From:  Alaska
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  reefnet, hook and line, gill net, or purse seine
salmon, farmedyear round

Farmed and dangerous 

It's cheap but it will cost you. Don't buy it.
Latin:  Pinkus unnaturalis, Environmentalis hazardum 

sea urchinyear round
Local (WA) season is from November-January for 12 weeks
From:  Alaska, Washington
Wild or Farmed?  wild
shrimp, coonstripeyear round
caught with spot shrimp
Latin:  Pandalus hypsinotis 
From:  Alaska, Washington, BC, Oregon
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  trap-caught
shrimp, pinkyear round
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Oregon has pinks available april-sept, Washington: april-oct., BC: june-dec

Latin:  Pandalus jordani 
From:   Oregon, Washington, BC
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  otter trawls with fin-fish excluder devices
shrimp, sidestripeyear round
Also lumped under the common name "spot prawn"
Caught along with pink shrimp.
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Latin:  Pandalopsis dispar 
From:  Alaska, BC, Oregon, Washington
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  trap-caught, trawl
shrimp, spotyear round
Spring and summer in BC
June-August Washington
Year round in Alaska
Easy to locate frozen year round.
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Latin:  Pandalus platyceros 
From:  Alaska, BC, Washington
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  trap-caught
sole, doveryear round
Also known as "slippery sole", "slime sole" and "shortfinned sole".
Latin:  Microstomus pacificus 
From:  California, Oregon, Washington, Canada
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  otter trawl
sole, englishyear round
Also known as "California sole", "lemon sole", and "pointed nose sole"
Latin:  Parophrys vetulus 
From:  California, Oregon, Washington, Canada
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  otter trawl
sole, petraleyear round
Also known as "brill", "California sole", "roundnosed sole"

Heaviest catch is from Dec-Feb.
Latin:  Eopsetta jordani 
From:  California, Oregon, Washington, Canada
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  otter trawl

sole, rex year round
Also known as "longfinned sole", "witch sole"
Latin:  Errex zachirus 
From:  Primarily from Alaska
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  otter trawl
sole, yellowfinyear round
Also known as "Alaska dab", "muddab" or "northern sole"
Pacific Seafood's website says that more than 100,000 tons of yellowfin is landed each year off Alaska, and that almost all of this catch is exported to China, where it is filleted and re-exported back to the U.S. and Canada. Yellowfin is an inexpensive fish and the fillets are a good value.
Latin:  Limanda aspera 
From:  Alaska and west coast
Wild or Farmed?  wild
Capture Method:  otter trawl
steelheadyear round
Peak season is from October to May.

Latin:  Salmo gairdneri 
From:  Washington
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
sturgeonyear round
Latin:  Acipenser transmontanus 
From:  California
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
tilapiayear round
From:  California, Idaho
Wild or Farmed?  farmed
trout, rainbowyear round
Latin:   Oncorhynchus mykiss 
From:  Idaho
Wild or Farmed?  farmed


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